When you take a 10 year old to New York City for the first time, it’s a given you’re in for an adventure.

Such was the case when Lucy and I embarked on a trip to the Big Apple on our recent Fall Break. I had taken her big brother, Jack, to NYC for the first time when he was 10, and so I was looking forward to this being a fun mommy-daughter moment.

What’s changed in the three years since I took Jack is social media. The birth of Instagram, to be specific.


Tiffany & Co. is keeping it real on Instagram…and breeding a whole new generation of lust in the process.

Lucy, it turns out, follows Tiffany & Co. on Instagram. I think she’s already “favorited” about five diamond rings this month alone. And while I sorta grimaced over it, thinking she was being a tad bit materialistic with her social media trends (surprise…who knew you could use social media to covet things?) her Tiffany & Co. obsession evolved into a highlight of our trip.

Here’s how this played out:

I walk into Tiffany & Co. and announce to the woman on Floor Two:

“This is Lucy Roberts from Tulsa, Oklahoma, on her first trip to Manhattan. She’s 10, follows Tiffany’s on Instagram, and visiting your store was at the top of her NYC to-do list.”

To which Ms. Floor Two replied:

“Well, hello, Lucy Roberts! Would you like to try on this half a million dollar engagement ring?” I kid you not.


Ring? Tiffany’s, $500,000. Bracelet? H&M, $5.00. You gotta keep it eclectic.

Lucy was my passport from that moment on.

Michael Kors Collection Boutique on Madison Avenue? We were treated like royalty when they met Lucy Roberts-from Oklahoma-obsessed with Project Runway-loves Michael Kors. On that stop, we were ushered into the VIP suite, a fancy room where celebs come in to try on selections I’m sure their stylist has pulled for them. I have no shame when it comes to using my very cute daughter for access.


This photo doesn’t do the Michael Kors shop justice. We found a faux fur coat in here for $45,000, so you know it’s fancy.

Speaking of Project Runway, another stop on her list was to see Parsons as well as Mood, the designer fabric shop featured on the show. That was really cool, especially when we saw the store’s now-famous dog, Swatch. No Tim Gunn or Heidi Klum, though…our VIP access has it’s limits.


The purple UGGs sorta clinch the deal, in my opinion. Only someone this skinny and cute can get away with that look. The store was cool, but you can see what a fire hazard is brewing the in the background. I was claustrophobic in less than 15 minutes.

The trip also included a few non-fashion related moments (though not many), such as Times Square, subway riding (which she hated because she didn’t like the idea of a train underground, to which I replied that’s the coolest part), views from the Empire State Building, the Met and Central Park. Oh, and Dylan’s Candy Bar, which is owned by Ralph Lauren’s daughter so I suppose it’s also fashion related.


Probably the coolest candy store on the planet, in which Lucy decided to buy her brother a Twix as a souvenir. Seriously. I told her anything we can find at the grocery store in Tulsa is off limits. Her big prize? A cupcake pillow for her bed.


The Metropolitan Museum of Art, which is a small city unto itself…complete with a bus stop that draws a lot of people to its steps to wait and eat hotdogs from street vendors.

Another “aren’t I a smart mommy?” moment came in the form of our lodging. We rented an Upper East Side apartment on Airbnb from a great guy who is an artist and owns an apartment to match. The deal was unbelievable and we lived like real locals–with the Metro station just a block away and the Guggenheim a short walk down the street.


This stop at Laduree on Madison Avenue was one of the few mommy mandates on the trip. The macarons are to die for. Unless you want to eat them, which I highly recommend.


The most important thing to note about this pic from the top of the Empire State Building is not the view behind us, but the fact that Lucy knows exactly where to look when taking a selfie. Unlike me, apparently.

More than anything, I enjoyed lots of good conversation with my little girl who is growing up right in front of my eyes. Some days faster than others. Dressed up as Wonder Woman for Halloween last week, Lucy managed to throw on a bit of make up along with the costume. Whoa.

Lucy Wonder Woman

I couldn’t believe how grown up she looked in this photo–that’s some serious eye liner. Time to come back to being a 10 year old again.

When I mentioned the next day how grown up she looked in the photos, she reassured me it was just for the costume effect.

“That’s super,” I said, “now hand over your phone.”