These are a few of my favorite things…updated periodically as new discoveries come into my life!

Betty White’s Off Their Rockersif you haven’t seen this show where the elderly play practical jokes on unsuspecting young people, you are missing one of the funniest shows on television. Noah and I were crying we laughed so hard at some of it. This is one reality show I fully endorse.

Vitamix…a turbo charged blender that can literally cook soup, grind wheat into flour and liquefy any vegetable, thus allowing you to hide it in nearly anything you serve your kids. I’m all about carrots or spinach in fruit smoothies. This baby isn’t cheap, but then neither are doctor appointments. Your call.

Moroccan Oil hairspray…gives me a little of that “just stepped out of the salon” boost every morning when I use it…love the smell.

Tom’s One for One ballet flats…totally adorable (I just bought the hot pink suede) and makes me feel both fashionable and philanthropic when I wear them. Hard combo to beat…unless they made me feel thinner, which is asking a lot of a ballet flat.

I particularly like these leopard print flats from Tom’s. See…shopping with a conscience can also be chic. Even better because I just found them for 30% off at Ida Red.

Real Simple…the magazine for people I aspire to be when I grow up–and get really organized.

The Happiness Project by Gretchin Rubin… Learn more in my post titled “Finding It Before I Lose It.”

Spanx…if you’re over 35, have had children and don’t work out 2 hours everyday, I recommend this product I only WISH I’d invented.